Kitchener mom appalled by emergency room wait

“He was left for eight and a half hours and he was checked three times (by nurses),” Brindley explained. “I brought him to them to check him. They didn’t come to see how we were doing and his condition worsened as the night went on.”

Bill paves way for national suicide prevention strategy

“It is a pretty serious situation that we have in our country … that alone is a good enough reason to have some sort of national framework so we can all work together,” said Rob Martin, chair of the local suicide prevention council.

A place to call home

Meeting Dora Fernandes, a funny and joyful woman, it’s hard to imagine she was ever known for never having a smile on her face.

Universities, college speak out about mental illness

The University of Waterloo released a report last week that reviewed current services — health, counselling and support for disabilities — and made recommendations to improve ease of access and reach out to a wider range of students.

Report shows local wait times have been getting better

A report released Tuesday by the Wait Time Alliance — a group of doctors and national medical societies — highlighted growing delays for patients receiving a range of treatments and testing from MRIs to cancer care.