Universities, college speak out about mental illness

The University of Waterloo released a report last week that reviewed current services — health, counselling and support for disabilities — and made recommendations to improve ease of access and reach out to a wider range of students.

Dry weather hampering local corn production

Driving through his Cambridge farm on what has been one of many hot July days, Brian Gillespie said he estimates that 60 per cent of the now browning field corn will be ruined.

Report shows local wait times have been getting better

A report released Tuesday by the Wait Time Alliance — a group of doctors and national medical societies — highlighted growing delays for patients receiving a range of treatments and testing from MRIs to cancer care.

Keeping the faith

Lydia was hit by a truck on May 17 while getting off a school bus at her Erb’s Road home. The accident, according to Waterloo Region Police Service, is still under investigation.