In B.C., Caregiving Takes Toll on Finances, Career, Health

| IMAGE: One million British Columbians are caring for friends or family — and paying a price because of inadequate supports. Photo by Linda Givetash. For three years, Heidi Hudson spent her days caring for her ailing father and her …

A source of hope in early-onset dementia

Retired nurse Nita Levy and her husband, Michael, a retired accountant, established Paul’s Club in 2012. They were inspired to create a program appropriate for people’s ages and abilities after their brother-in-law, Paul, died as a result of early-onset dementia.

Mixing business and charity

iNotForProfit provides organizations with a customizable smartphone app they can use to promote their causes by integrating their online activities — everything from tweets to donation forms — into one mobile hub.

New Hamburg couple struggles with end-of-life planning

Already experiencing a loss of mobility, fine motor skills including writing, and his sense of smell, the 70-year-old has begun to think about and plan his death to ensure the quality of life he wants to maintain is honoured.

Learning to ‘speak up’ about final wishes

No one enjoys talking about the prospects of their own death. But avoiding a conversation could mean not having your wishes carried out in your final days and burdening your family with difficult decisions.

A place to call home

Meeting Dora Fernandes, a funny and joyful woman, it’s hard to imagine she was ever known for never having a smile on her face.

‘Best of all possible worlds’

It’s rare to have a community where children attend the same school their parents did and neighbours all connect at Sunday worship, but for one neighbourhood this has been the norm for generations.