Vancouver for Sale: Election 2014

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“While the provincial government is to blame for not imposing campaign finance reforms at the municipal level, smaller party candidates are railing against big spending by donors to the NPA and Vision in BC’s biggest city.”

Anxious times for West End store owners

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“We’ve been shouldering this for quite a long time and it’s pretty hard,” said Zhang. “We were hoping the landlord [would] come up with a solution so we could help each other, we could stay with more reasonable rent.”“It’s not happening and so we have to find a lower-rent place.”

Mixing business and charity

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iNotForProfit provides organizations with a customizable smartphone app they can use to promote their causes by integrating their online activities — everything from tweets to donation forms — into one mobile hub.

Community kitchen to feed West End’s hungry youth

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A community group in Vancouver’s West End is confident that it will be able to launch a new program to provide healthy meals for young people — residents who until now have received far less attention than the area’s low-income seniors.

Neighbours raise new barn for family devastated by fire

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The fire that started in a dairy barn at 1636 Lobsinger Line the evening of July 12 consumed the barn, some cattle and killed two-year-old Steven Martin. The cause of the blaze was unclear and the boy’s body was never found.